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UPDATED: Oklahoma’s Current Marijuana Laws 2020

2020 UPDATE of Oklahomas Marijuana Laws:  The state of Oklahoma has changed some of its policies regarding marijuana possession and usage (Bill HB 26126 signed in March 2019) since this blog was originally posted. Citizens of Oklahoma with a medical marijuana license are permitted to have the following: Up to 8 ounces of marijuana at […]

Possession v. distribution in Oklahoma

Simple drug possession — a nonviolent offense in which the defendant is only accused of possessing illegal drugs — was long a felony in Oklahoma until voters took decisive action in 2016.  That’s when voters checked their ballots in favor of making simple possession a misdemeanor in Oklahoma instead of a felony. It was a […]

The importance of having a lawyer for misdemeanors in Oklahoma

It seems like people are often quick to brush off misdemeanor charges as no big deal. After all, it’s not a felony, right?! Wrong.  Misdemeanor charges in Oklahoma can range from assault to breaking an entering to DUI to theft — and more. Just because those charges aren’t as serious as, say, murder or armed […]

Drug possession penalties in Oklahoma

If you’re caught simply possessing illegal drugs in Oklahoma, you’re facing a misdemeanor charge, but that doesn’t mean the consequences aren’t serious.  Oklahoma is known for its “tough on drugs” stance, despite measures in recent years to change the record-high incarceration rates in the state. A report by The Oklahoman says almost 900 people got […]

How Long Before an Offense Drops off My Record?

You may have heard an old urban legend about criminal convictions dropping off your criminal record after a certain number of years. Seven years? Ten years? Is it less for a misdemeanor? When you’re applying for jobs and housing, any amount of years can seem like an eternity for a conviction to remain on your […]

Who can see my record after an expungement?

So, you’ve been arrested and convicted of a crime, but you’ve done your time and even gotten an expungement — or wiping your record clean of said criminal charges. But what does that mean for you going forward?  Expungements can make life easier for you in many ways. Here’s a breakdown of what an expungement […]

Will pot breathalyzers work?

Medical marijuana has been a reality for thousands of Oklahomans since voters approved one of the most progessive medical marijuana laws in the nation in 2018. In Oklahoma, if you have a medical marijuana license, you can legally possess:  Up to three ounces of marijuana on your person Six marijuana plants Six seeding plants One […]

Texting & Driving – How bad is it?

If the $100 fine you could get for texting and driving in Oklahoma doesn’t scare you, perhaps the statistics surrounding distracted driving will.  Forty-eight states have enacted laws that ban texting while driving, and for good reason. Oklahoma was the 46th state to enact such a ban. Missouri and Montana are the only two states […]

DUI vs. DWI in Oklahoma: What Counts and What Doesn’t

When most people throw around the phrase DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, they assume the acronym is the correct one and it’s pretty basic. This isn’t always the case, however. Many other people use DWI, or Driving While Impaired/Intoxicated, interchangeably with DUI, and refer to drinking and driving or using drugs and driving as […]

Determining What is Considered a “Violent” Offense in Oklahoma

Although it may seem easy to determine what should be considered a “violent” crime – murder, assault, battery, armed robbery, child abuse, and the list goes on – many people are misinformed on what constitutes a violent crime or offense in Oklahoma. It’s also often difficult to discern what happens when someone is convicted of […]