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Understanding the difference between Civil and Criminal Law

In the United States, our legal system is divided into two types of cases: criminal and civil. They are very different.   Criminal cases are crimes against the state, and thus are prosecuted by the government accusing you of the offense. Civil cases, on the other hand, generally are considered disputes between people or businesses […]

Plea bargains explained

You’ve heard it on television, and you might know someone in real life who has gone through a plea bargain in court. A lot of criminal court cases are settled out of court if both sides can reach an agreement on the punishment. This is called a plea bargain. More cases are settled with plea […]

United Airlines and your civil rights

The now viral video of a bloodied and beaten Kentucky doctor being dragged off a United Airlines flight because it was overbooked has sparked widespread controversy – and no shortage of opinions on both sides of the aisle. There’s some question as to whether United’s actions are legal, but more importantly, were David Dao’s civil […]

What are the consequences of felony convictions in Oklahoma?

If you’re convicted of a felony in Oklahoma, jail time is only one of your worries. In addition to the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence, you’ll also face all kinds of barriers when you return home from prison. What constitutes a felony in Oklahoma? Felonies in Oklahoma are defined as a crime for which […]