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What are the chances of winning an appeal in Oklahoma?

If you have been accused of a crime and convicted by a jury of your peers (or a judge) at trial, you have the right to appeal this decision and attempt to prove your innocence in another trial. In some instances, even if you are acquitted, the other side may file for an appeal and […]

What is a Lawyer Ally?

As we all know, the police can sometimes have a reputation for being aggressive with protesters — especially protesters of color.  At the Jacqui Ford Law Firm, we are dedicated to being LAWYER ALLIES to our brothers and sisters peacefully utilizing their First Amendment rights.  We ourselves have participated in protests in our personal lives, […]

What happens to first-time domestic violence offenders?

First-time domestic violence offenders are certainly viewed more favorably than those who have a history of domestic abuse.  A first offense is generally charged as a misdemeanor so long as there are no aggravating circumstances. In this case, the suspect could face up to one year in jail, a fine up to $5,000, or a […]