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Best apps to safely and effectively record police violence

UPDATED JUNE 2020: In light of the recent deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd (among others), people across the United States have taken to the streets to protest police misconduct and brutality. But whether you’re protesting or simply witnessing police misconduct on the street, it’s important to stay safe while filming these […]

COVID-19 Update for the Oklahoma City Area

As we all know, communities around the world are making serious changes due to the spread of the coronavirus. It’s difficult to stay up-to-date and know how our lives are being affected by all these changes.  Here, we’ve provided you with some legal information to get you through these confusing times.  What’s the situation in […]

How to find out if you’re eligible for an Oklahoma expungement

Expungement is the legal term for having a specific conviction removed from your public record, so that the court system acts as though it never happened. This type of change to your record can be very beneficial, opening doors to better job opportunities, more housing options, and a better future. But how can you know […]

Do I need a lawyer to apply for an expungement in Oklahoma?

Looking to clear your arrest record in the state of Oklahoma? An expungement may be your best option. The expungement process allows a person convicted of certain crimes to petition the court to have the conviction removed from his or her record. If granted, the court will move forward as though the conviction never took […]

Possession v. distribution in Oklahoma

Simple drug possession — a nonviolent offense in which the defendant is only accused of possessing illegal drugs — was long a felony in Oklahoma until voters took decisive action in 2016.  That’s when voters checked their ballots in favor of making simple possession a misdemeanor in Oklahoma instead of a felony. It was a […]