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Sex Crime Attorney In Oklahoma City

Being accused of a sex crime in the state of Oklahoma is serious, with far-reaching consequences to your personal and professional life. But sex crimes allegations also have some extra kinds of concerns that most other cases don’t have. Here, we discuss those issues and what to do if you are accused of a sex […]

Defending Sex Crimes in Oklahoma

If you’ve been accused of rape, most people think you only have one of two defenses. Number one: “it wasn’t me.” Or, two: “it wasn’t rape.” Quite frankly, these defenses don’t quite work the way you think they will. We’re here to discuss the situation of sex crime laws in Oklahoma and what some defenses […]

Sex Crimes Involving Children in OKC

Several teachers from local school districts in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area have been charged with sex crimes for having inappropriate relationships with their students. Of course, it’s easy to find outrage at our teachers for engaging in that type of activity with our students. But when we look closely at the law, what we […]

Oklahoma Public Intoxication Laws

There are few things more American than enjoying an ice cold beer after a long day of work. However, in Oklahoma you need to be careful where you choose to crack open that cold one. Oklahoma has some of the strictest liquor laws in the country and Oklahoma public intoxication laws are no exception. By […]

What Does Smurfing Mean?

There’s Papa, Smurfette, Hefty, Brainy and a long list of others little blue creatures. Movies, songs and TV shows have all been made about this odd family we know as the Smurfs. As cute as the smurfs are, the term smurfing has a meaning that is far from cute. What Does Smurfing Mean? There’s Papa, […]

Does racial profiling affect criminal charges

Reports across the United States find time and again that police officers stop African-American drivers for minor traffic infractions in an attempt to find drugs, guns or other illegal contraband because the officer believes African-Americans are more likely to carry illegal things (when, in reality, studies have shown this to be completely false). These racist […]