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When Does Consensual Sex Become Rape in Oklahoma?

It’s important to understand what constitutes rape in Oklahoma, to ensure that you don’t end up being wrongly accused of such a crime. It’s also important to understand that even if the sexual act was consensual initially, it can still be considered rape if certain circumstances arise. Understanding the Legal Definition of Rape in Oklahoma […]

Can You Be Accused of Rape in Oklahoma if Both Parties Were Drunk?

Rape is a horrible crime with terrible repercussions for both the victim and the accused.  However, it can be challenging to ascertain who is at fault and who gave consent when both parties are intoxicated. For this reason and many others, it is crucial to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable and skilled criminal defense […]

Does a domestic violence charge show up on a background check in Oklahoma?

Facing a domestic violence charge is not something you should take lightly. If convicted, the case will have far-reaching effects on your life, including impacts on where you live, your career, and your family.  That’s because domestic violence will likely show up on a background check.  Depending on the depth of the background check, even […]

Do you need a lawyer for juvenile crimes in Oklahoma?

Some people have the misconception that juvenile crimes aren’t serious – and because they aren’t serious, hiring a lawyer isn’t necessary. The sad reality is that juvenile crime is a life-altering matter and hiring a dedicated Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer can help reduce the risks criminal allegations and misconduct pose for your child’s future. Navigating […]