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Do you need a lawyer for juvenile crimes in Oklahoma?

Some people have the misconception that juvenile crimes aren’t serious – and because they aren’t serious, hiring a lawyer isn’t necessary. The sad reality is that juvenile crime is a life-altering matter and hiring a dedicated Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer can help reduce the risks criminal allegations and misconduct pose for your child’s future. Navigating […]

Oklahoma and Self-Defense Laws

Crimes that involve using physical force or violence against someone can have serious consequences. Luckily, like most states, Oklahoma makes significant allowances for the use of force when you’re acting in self-defense. But self-defense laws vary by state, and they can often be pretty confusing. So what exactly counts as self-defense in Oklahoma? And when […]

What Is Considered Assault In Oklahoma?

Assault is a serious crime, but it can be tricky to define what the term means. Definitions vary by state. If you live in Oklahoma, it’s critical to know your rights and understand what is considered assault in the state. Our criminal defense attorneys at Jacqui Ford Law have years of experience with assault cases […]

What is domestic violence in the presence of a child in Oklahoma?

Domestic violence is when there is a threat or an actual attempt to use physical force against someone you live with.  The penalties for domestic violence are harsh, and when domestic violence happens in the presence of a child, they are that much more severe, with long jail sentences and more significant fines. As such, […]

What are Considered Sex Crimes in Oklahoma?

Sex crimes in Oklahoma are treated with the utmost seriousness.  If you are found guilty of a sex crime, you will face imprisonment, fines, and a damaged reputation. You will have to register as sex offender for the remainder of your life, which limits where you can live and work. Sex crimes charges necessitate the […]

What Is Justifiable Homicide in Oklahoma?

When someone kills another person, it is considered homicide. However, there are some situations in which the killing is not illegal, which are defined under Oklahoma law as “excusable homicide” or “justifiable homicide.” Charges may still be brought against the defendant if the district attorney believes the killing was criminal. Understanding Oklahoma’s laws surrounding justifiable homicide […]