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Jacqui Ford for Oklahoma County District Attorney

Few public figures in Oklahoma have come from such humble origins yet achieved so much for their communities as Jacqui Ford. 

A singular figure in the Oklahoma legal profession, Jacqui has been an advocate for victims as well as defendants. Her vast experience as a defense attorney has given her insights into why the Oklahoma criminal justice system is failing to prevent violent crime while simultaneously punishing victims of addiction, mental illness and domestic abuse. 

Oklahoma County needs change, and the champion of that change is Jacqui Ford. As the new District Attorney, Ford will stubbornly pursue the harshest penalties for violent offenders that are tearing down our communities without compromising on programs that lift up nonviolent offenders. Her strong relationships with officials at all levels of government will enable her to enact real change in a county that has let crime and corruption fester for far too long. 

Commitment to Justice

Jacqui Ford has worked tirelessly to overcome the many challenges that society put in her path. After an illustrious academic career at Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma College of Law, Ford established herself as one of the nation’s most talented young legal minds. She has won a host of highly esteemed honors including Top 40 under Forty and Top 100 Trial Lawyers. 

Despite a lifetime of personal hardship and fighting in the trenches of the criminal justice system, Jacqui has retained her commitment to improving the lives of those around her. Her passion for successfully prosecuting violent and unrepentant criminals is tempered by the understanding that many caught up in the criminal justice net are better served by rehabilitative programs. 

Unlike many prosecutors that use a one-size-fits-all approach to criminal justice, Jacqui Ford recognizes that there are inequities in our system that place unjust burdens on the ill and downtrodden. As District Attorney, Jacqui will forcefully pursue justice against lawbreakers, but she will devote her office’s precious resources to those cases that deserve it.

Join the Fight

If you want to fight the good fight alongside Jacqui Ford, you can join her campaign for District Attorney of Oklahoma County. Visit her campaign’s website to learn more.