Fierce defense attorneys, fighting for your rights

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In 2011, Jacqui Ford  founded our law firm in order to provide clients with the type of service they truly needed, but rarely received. She brings nearly a decade of legal experience to each case that she takes. Over the course of her career, she has helped thousands of people fight their criminal charges and find favorable resolution when they thought all hope was lost. Today, the majority of our clients come from Oklahoma City and the surrounding metropolitan area; however, we have represented clients from all four corners of the state.

We Do Not Want You To Be A Repeat Client

To us, criminal defense is more than simply fighting charges and mitigating consequences. We also want to help our clients address the reasons they found themselves in trouble with the law in the first place. Depending on the specific circumstances in your matter, we can help you look into drug/alcohol treatment, therapy, anger management classes or Gamblers Anonymous. Our goal is to help you get out of the criminal justice system and stay out for good. While we love our clients, we hope we never have to represent them again.

If you are being investigated or have been arrested, indicted or charged, contact us today at 405-604-3200. We offer free consultations to all prospective clients. Our office is located in the Classen Plaza Law Center, right in the heart of Oklahoma City, but we also can arrange meetings at any Oklahoma jail facility.

I met Jacqui Ford while teaching together at the Trial Lawyers College. She is the most talented, compassionate, and fearless criminal defense attorney I have ever met. Jacqui not only is a fabulous trial lawyer, but she truly cares about the clients she serves. If you have been accused of a crime, Jacqui is the person to have in your corner.

Jacqui is on top of her game! She’s a lawyer that other lawyers ask for help. Highly intelligent, compassionate & hardworking. If you’ve got Jacqui, you’ve got the best.

I couldn’t recommend a more compassionate, loving and respectful attorney. Jacqui and Anna are both absolutely amazing women. Both truly care for each client. Anna connects with each person on a personal level and takes her time explaining whatever your question may be. I highly recommend these ladies if you want to be treated with the utmost respect.

I sat on a jury in which Ms. Ford represented the defendant. Her defense was so passionate and she had visible concern for the client. She is my go-to woman and the only lawyer I trust! I recommend her to anyone who needs representation. And Anna is really awesome, too!!

Amazing office! There’s nobody else I will ever recommend! Not just an attorney and office, but lifelong friends I believe.

This woman is brilliant and a badass! She’s an amazing trial lawyer.

This woman is brilliant and a badass! She’s an amazing trial lawyer.

You have been a great advocate for justice and the wrongfully accused! You are a dedicated and devoted lawyer! Well done!

Fierce defense attorneys, fighting for your rights

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