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Grace Boyle

Legal Assistant

Before joining Jacqui Ford Law in 2020, Grace did not have any experience in the legal field. But she has found this newbie approach has made it that much more impactful as she learns how the system can work for or against a person.

From Legal Assistant to Client Specialist, Grace’s role is to help clients succeed, to identify problems, offer support and hold them accountable to their own goals. She does much of the same for the lawyers on her team.

Like Grace, a large portion of Jacqui Ford Law clients are experiencing the legal system for the first time, and Grace is honored to be able to help guide them through the process.

Calling a lawyer’s office can feel intimidating. But when Grace answers the phone, she makes sure you know you can communicate what is happening in your own words, ask for help, and rest assured, there are no stupid questions.

Grace is committed to easing clients’ nerves about the many unknowns of their case. She works hard to explain the process clearly and reminds them that the team at Jacqui Ford Law has their back. In fact, Grace believes that her adventure into the legal field has benefited her ability to explain the steps of the process in the easiest way.

Working everyday with clients has given Grace a new understanding of what they go through. Whether they are wrongly accused or find themselves facing a difficult time in their lives, she has grown attached to each and every client and enjoys seeing their success stories.


There are several amazing days at the Jacqui Ford Law office. And while the big trials and acquittals may be the lawyers’ favorites, Grace’s favorite moments are the ones where we save doggies from doggie jail or when previous clients call or come by long after their case is over to share how much their life was impacted and show us how they are thriving now.

Outside of the office, Grace lives life with her dog, Sahara, who she adopted in October 2022. She also enjoys working part-time at the Thunder arena, a fun environment that energizes and gets her some exercise along the way. Grace is a huge Nascar fan and loves to travel the country to watch races with her family.

Grace is so proud to be a part of the Jacqui Ford Law team and that she made the leap into the legal world. She has learned so much more than she ever could have imagined and has loved developing her passion for helping people.

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