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Different ways to get a DUI in Oklahoma

By November 22, 2014April 5th, 2024No Comments

There are many iterations of a driving under the influence charge in the state of Oklahoma. Many people may think of a DUI as simply driving with a blood alcohol content that breaks the 0.08 law. However, there are many different ways that someone can get a DUI or DUI variant. So what are the circumstances for getting a DUI in the state of Oklahoma, and what are the penalties?

First of all, yes, there is the 0.08 law which is followed by every state in the United States. There is also an enhanced DUI penalty in the state of Oklahoma if a driver exceeds a BAC of 0.17. This enhanced, or “aggravated,” DUI charge carries significant penalties, so anyone accused of such a drunk driving offense needs to consult an attorney. A third type of DUI, a zero tolerance underage DUI, applies to underage drivers who have a BAC that exceeds 0.02.

For all of these charges, Oklahoma follows an implied consent law, which simply means that if you are properly arrested for DUI, you are required to give a breath, blood or urine test to establish your alcohol levels.

The penalties for these charges vary from person to person, and they depend on the circumstances involved in each case. But in general, someone who is charged with a DUI can expect to have their license suspended for at least six months (it could be up to a year or even two years).

If you have three DUIs, your vehicle could be confiscated. And regardless of how many DUIs you have, there is the possibility that you could have an ignition interlock placed on your vehicle, as well as the subject being required to attend alcohol education and treatment classes.

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