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Juvenile Criminal Defense

Do you need a lawyer for juvenile crimes in Oklahoma?

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Some people have the misconception that juvenile crimes aren’t serious – and because they aren’t serious, hiring a lawyer isn’t necessary.

The sad reality is that juvenile crime is a life-altering matter and hiring a dedicated Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer can help reduce the risks criminal allegations and misconduct pose for your child’s future.

Navigating the legal system is complex—even for juveniles. Certain crimes carry heavy offenses, too. The right legal representation can help keep your child out of jail and at home, where they belong. Even if jail time is unlikely, juvenile criminal charges can affect your child’s life for many years to come. It can hurt their college prospects, their vocational opportunities, and their reputation. At Jacqui Ford Law, our defense attorneys have helped juveniles throughout Oklahoma fight their charges and clear their name.

What can happen to juvenile offenders?

There are a number of ways your child can be impacted by a criminal charge, including:

  • Fines
  • Community Service
  • Probation

When a juvenile offender is court-ordered to perform community service and meet with a probation officer, it’s critical. Missing these important obligations could get him or her into more trouble. It could also affect their daily lives by conflicting with school and extracurricular activities.

Jail time in juvenile detention facilities is another possibility for serious offenses.

These detention facilities have other offenders, too – some of whom might be dangerous and violent. Repeat offenses and long sentences in detention facilities can easily carry over into a child’s adult life where punishments are longer, harsher, and far harder to recover from.

How can an Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer help for juvenile crimes?

A lawyer can be of great help to families facing juvenile crime convictions.

Attorneys with experience handling juvenile cases know how to navigate the legal system so that your child has a chance to recover from his or her mistakes for a bright future. Lawyers can help reduce the punishments associated with juvenile crimes and potentially keep your child out of jail.

The time period after an arrest is critical. Your child should not be without professional representation with dealing with questions from law enforcement or court hearings. For example, what is said to police can be used against your child in future court proceedings. Admitting to criminal activity or providing contradictory information to police can come back to haunt your child when he or she meets with a judge.

An attorney should be present for all interactions with law enforcement and judges. Lawyers can also file motions for continuances and for motions to throw out evidence. There are a number of ways a juvenile criminal attorney can help such as negotiating for reduced sentences and less harsh punishments like community service, court-ordered counseling, and probation. An attorney can also assist with expunging criminal charges from one’s record in the future.

What types of charges can criminal defense attorneys help juveniles fight?

Our Oklahoma City criminal defense firm can assist your family with a number of juvenile charges. From more minor offenses like shoplifting and underage drinking to more serious crimes like assault, our team will help fight for your child’s future every step of the way. Our mission is to promote meaningful and fair treatment for our juvenile clients.

Some of the cases we handle include:

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If your child has been arrested, it’s important to act quickly. Falling victim to the myths that juvenile crimes aren’t serious could affect your child for decades to come. Securing legal representation early on could significantly improve your child’s chances of securing fair treatment. Experienced with juvenile cases, our team understands the sensitive and destressing nature of facing the legal system on juveniles and their families.   

We serve clients of all ages in and around Oklahoma City. Contact our firm today for a consultation.