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How to find out if you’re eligible for an Oklahoma expungement

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But how can you know if you’re eligible for the expungement process in Oklahoma?

Expungement is the legal term for having a specific conviction removed from your public record, so that the court system acts as though it never happened. This type of change to your record can be very beneficial, opening doors to better job opportunities, and even more housing options. 

While law enforcement agencies will still have access to the information, people of the general public and all future employers will never know if it happened. Clearing your conviction from your record allows you to remove these barriers and make your way towards a better future.

But how can you know if you’re eligible for the expungement process in Oklahoma? From experienced defense attorney Jacqui Ford, here’s everything you need to know about being eligible for expungement in Oklahoma.

What is required for an expungement in Oklahoma?

In order to petition the court for expungement, you must first make sure that you are a qualified candidate. In Oklahoma, the length of time that has elapsed since the incident is not a concern for your qualification, but rather the specifications of your case will be the determining factors. 

For example, most juvenile convictions can be expunged in Oklahoma if you receive a full pardon. However, adult convictions are trickier. Some convictions can be expunged, such as some adult felonies, misdemeanors, and arrest records, as well as if you were a victim of identity theft or trafficking.

There are two different types of expungement in Oklahoma:

  • Section 18 expungements are for people looking to expunge the arrest record entirely.
  • Section 991(c) expungements are for people whose sentence has been deferred and are hoping to have their case updated and dismissed. A Section 991(c) expungement will not officially remove the arrest record like in a Section 18 expungement, but rather the case will be listed as “dismissed.”

How do I know if I qualify for an expungement in Oklahoma?

Once you’ve determined which type of expungement you are seeking, you’ll want to find out whether you qualify for it.

Expungements may be granted under the following circumstances:

  • You were arrested, but the charges were dropped;
  • Your conviction was overturned;
  • The case was dismissed;
  • You were found innocent;
  • You were pardoned;
  • You were convicted of a misdemeanor;
  • You were under 18 when the crime was committed; 
  • You completed your sentence for a minor crime you plead guilty to;
  • You completed probation or had a delayed sentence;
  • Someone who stole your identity committed the crime;
  • You were a victim of human trafficking; etc.

If you believe you qualify for any of these reasons for expungement, you should contact an expungement attorney today to start working on your case and moving towards a better future. 

What situations do NOT qualify for expungement?

There are, unfortunately, some convictions that do not qualify for expungement in Oklahoma. Please pay attention carefully to see whether these situations apply to you.

  1. You do not qualify for expungement if you were convicted of a violent felony (non-violent felonies may be able to be expunged).
  2. You do not qualify for expungement if you have any current charges pending, including any misdemeanors or felonies of any kind.

Contact Jacqui Ford Law to get started on your expungement today

Do any of these qualifications apply to you? Are you looking for better opportunities and would like to have your conviction cleared from your record? Contact us at Jacqui Ford Law now for a free consultation that can get you on track for your expungement today!