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Jacqui Defends Client Accused in Death of Wife

By April 20, 2016April 5th, 2024No Comments

Crystal Ewertz was involved in an altercation with her wife in September 2015 that ultimately lead to the death of her wife, Sabrina Ewertz.

According to police reports, Sabrina was thrown from the hood of the car Crystal was driving. This all happened after the couple had an argument and Crystal decided it was in the best interest of her safety to leave.

In the process of driving away, Sabrina jumped on the hood of the car.

Earlier this week a probable cause hearing took place to see if the evidence warranted a trial. After hearing testimony from three witnesses the judge decided the case will move to trial on an alternative charge of either leaving the scene of an accident or first-degree manslaughter.

This is not surprising because the type of hearing that took place is not a trial with a jury. By no means is this a suggestion of guilt, it is simply an opportunity for justice to take place.

Accidents happen and good people get caught in the middle. That is why Jacqui is proud to represent Crystal and defend her innocence. We are confident that as we move forward the truth will be revealed and Crystal will be able to move on with her life.