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OK Lawmakers Won’t Leave Guns at Home

By May 23, 2016February 15th, 2024No Comments


The Associated Press has released reports claiming several Oklahoma State Legislators routinely bring concealed firearms into the state Capitol, despite an official ban on all weapons inside the Capitol.

By law everyone entering the Capitol has to walk through a metal detector, just like at the airport. If the alarm is sounded, the individual will be inspected by the Oklahoma Highway Patrolmen stationed at the door.

Apparently this law does not apply to the people who make the laws. While there has been no official confirmation, it appears OHP is trained to recognize lawmakers and are hesitant to inspect them when the alarm is sounded.

During the investigation, an AP journalist reported counting 6 members of the House who tripped the alarm but were not inspected further. This all happen in a 30 minute observation.

Several legislators were asked if they knew if any of their colleagues were packing heat. No names were mentioned but Rep. Mike Shelton said, “I believe at any one time, there may be seven or eight members of the House who are armed.”

Others said they “knew for a fact” that other legislators come to work armed.

Sen. Ralph Shortey, was quoted, “If a legislator wants to carry a firearm in the Capitol, I think they have a constitutional right to do that.”

Regardless of your opinion of the 2nd amendment, this is pretty disturbing. Oklahoma lawmakers clearly think they can operate above the laws they create and expect everyone else to follow.  Laws that are intended for all should be followed by all.


Source: NewOK