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Oklahoma Dog Bite Laws

By November 6, 2015April 5th, 2024No Comments

Dogs are man’s best friend. They are loyal, friendly and loving. A dog can serve many purposes from hunting to guard dog to service dog. It’s estimated that between 70-80 million Americans own at least one dog. Unfortunately it is also estimated that around 1,000 people have to get medical treatment for dog bites everyday.

Each state has different laws regarding dog bites, and if you own a dog or are around dogs you should be familiar with Oklahoma dog bite laws.

When it comes to dog bites, Oklahoma is a statutory strict state. This means dogs don’t get multiple chances and owners are liable for any damage caused by their dogs. Oklahoma dog bite laws paint a clear picture that owners are on the hook for any and all damages.

“The owner of any dog shall be liable for damages to the full amount of any damages sustained when his dog, without provocation, bites or injures any person while such person is in or on a place where he has lawful right to be.”

The only situation in which the owner may not be found liable is if the injured person was intentionally and repeatedly provoking the dog. However, this can sometimes be hard to prove in court.

When a dog bites someone and is found to be a dangerous dog, the owner must comply with several rules including fines and possibly keeping the dog in an enclosure.

If you have been bit and injured by a dog or have a dog that injured someone, finding a lawyer who is skilled in Oklahoma dog bite laws is critical. Jacqui Ford has represented multiple dog bite cases in her career and she is ready to represent you. Call today for a free and convenient consultation with an Oklahoma dog bite lawyer.