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Oklahoma Drone Laws

By November 12, 2015April 5th, 2024No Comments

Drones are the latest and greatest craze to sweep the nation. Everyday people can take breathtaking videos and pictures from high above. Grown men can now be just like Maverick and give the command tower an unauthorized flyby, with Kenny Loggins blaring in the background.

Even with all the fun, drones have caused problems. One man created a national security crisis when he landed his drone on President Obama’s front lawn. Many citizens and lawmakers have also raised questions of how privacy laws apply to drones.

In Oklahoma drones have caused serious problems in our prison system. In October Marquis Gilkey flew a drone over the fence of an Oklahoma prison and unsuccessfully attempted to deliver two 12-inch hacksaw blades, a cellphone, a cellphone battery, a hands-free device, two packages of Newport cigarettes, two packages of Black & Mild cigars, two tubes of super glue, a 5.3 ounce bag containing marijuana, a 0.8 ounce bag containing methamphetamine and a bag containing less than 1 gram of heroin to his incarcerated friend.

Another problem caused by drones is damage to property or personal injury. Drones are notoriously unstable and most drone owners have not been properly trained to operate such a complex device. This combination causes drones to frequently crash, which often destroys property or injuries bystanders.

Oklahoma lawmakers proposed state bill 492 which would basically allow property owners to shoot down a drone that’s over their land. In Florida, lawmakers are now pushing legislation to hold drone owners and manufacturers liable for any damage or injury caused by crashed drones.

The Federal Aviation Administration has also been racing to approve measures to track drone ownership, among other issues.

Regardless of how or when federal or Oklahoma drone laws may change, Oklahoma City criminal defense attorney Jacqui Ford will be ready to help anyone who is in need of legal help. Ms. Ford passionately represents every client with the highest level of integrity and expertise.