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Drug Charges

Oklahoma Drug Charges Penalties

By January 15, 2015November 14th, 2023No Comments

If you were to hear about someone who was accused of drug crimes, you may initially think “well, that person gets what he or she deserves.” Such a reaction isn’t surprising. Many people think this way, mainly because we’re told all our lives that people who mess with drugs are inherently terrible, evil people. Some people may fit this description — but some do not.

It may be funny to read this, but not every individual who is accused of drug crimes is a bad person who deserves harsh punishment. Many are first-time offenders. Some simply don’t have the means to get by any other way. This doesn’t excuse what they do — but it serves as important context for what they do.

People who are accused of drug crimes often come under heavy fire by the police and prosecutors. The book will be thrown at them (so to speak) and prosecutors will try to make a laundry list of criminal charges stick to them, in part to “show criminals that drug peddling isn’t acceptable in this city” and also in part to make the case look more serve and, thus, more beneficial to their career.

At the federal level, drug cases are extremely harsh. The people accused of the crimes face decades behind bars, and possibly even life behind bars. Even if the harshest punishments aren’t thrown at them, the consequences will linger and affect them in profound ways for many years. They may struggle to recover from the charge even when they are free of the penalties associated with their crime.

Ultimately we write all of this as a warning, and to let people in the Oklahoma City area know that if you are accused of such drug crimes, you should contact us at Jacquelyn Ford Law. We will fight for your rights and do everything in our power to mitigate the consequences of your case.