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Drug Charges

Oklahoma drug trafficking case incurs severe penalty

By June 4, 2015November 14th, 2023No Comments

A 37-year-old man was indicted along with a group of nine others in Oklahoma. The federal drug trafficking charges alleged that the defendants conspired to possess and intended to distribute a large amount of a controlled substance. The man was recently sentenced to a federal prison for 20 years. The others involved have entered guilty pleas and now await their sentences.

The man in question is said to be a member of the Universal Aryan Brotherhood. Reports indicate that he had been incarcerated from 2009 to 2014. He was accused of using cell phones that were illegally brought into prison in order to orchestrate the acquisition and distribution of methamphetamine.

Various departments and agencies are said to have comprised a joint investigation in the case. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security was reportedly part of the investigative effort. The man is currently being held in police custody as he awaits his transfer to a federal prison. It has also been reported that his sentence does not allow the opportunity for parole.

A person in Oklahoma who is facing serious drug trafficking charges such as the man has in this case would most likely have need of professional legal advice in the aftermath of the incident. Depending upon the circumstances of an individual case, the potential penalties can be quite serious. This is particularly true with regard to federal criminal convictions involving drug trafficking. Acquiring legal representation from a criminal law attorney experienced in drug cases of this nature would help to ensure that a defendants’ rights are protected at every stage of the proceedings.


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