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Criminal Defense

Benefits of Pre-Filing in a Criminal Case

By October 8, 2015April 26th, 2024No Comments

There are several stages of the criminal process you’ll go through when you’re suspected of a crime. First you might be interviewed or questions, next you’ll be investigated and then formally charged. All three stages get progressively scarier and most people don’t know how to handle it. If it’s your first time going through the process, when to hire a criminal defense attorney could be a bit of a mystery. Typically the sooner you find a good lawyer, the better. A qualified Oklahoma criminal defense attorney can give you sound legal advice and show you the benefits of pre-filing in a criminal case.

How it works

Even if you’re innocent and even if you haven’t been formally charged, a lawyer can help by pre-filing registration. By pre-filing your lawyer can talk with law enforcement, the district attorney and other key players on your behalf. This allows you to be informed throughout the process and your lawyer to negotiate reasonable charges. Pre-filing is the best way for your side of the story to be heard by those who need to hear it.


If charges are filed and a warrant is issued for your arrest a lawyer can alert you and arrange for the arrest be a smooth, less stressful experience. Instead of the police coming to your home or office to arrest you, your attorney can ask a bondsman to come meet you and take you to the jail for processing. This type of prearranged surrender is called a walkthrough.

If you’re under investigation and think charges might be coming, the time to hire an Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer is now. Jacqui Ford is knowledgeable in the pre-filing process and can save you time and stress. Jacqui and her team check every morning for any warrants that might have been filed against her clients. This type of diligence is unmatched by any attorney in Oklahoma.