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How Can You Defend Murder Charges in Oklahoma?

By March 16, 2016April 2nd, 2024No Comments

A murder charge in Oklahoma City or anywhere in the state carries immense consequences. Facing murder charges means your freedom and future hang in the balance. 

If you’re facing these charges, immediate action and the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, like Jacqui Ford Law, is crucial. They help you navigate the complex legal system and give you the unwavering support to fight for your rights.

This blog provides an overview of the law concerning murder charges in Oklahoma and the importance of skilled legal representation.

Types of Murder Charges in Oklahoma

Oklahoma divides murder charges into two primary categories:

  1. First-degree murder occurs in two key situations:
    The act was carried out with “malice aforethought” – planned and premeditated intent to kill.
    The death occurred during the commission of a dangerous felony (the felony murder rule) or the intent for felony stalking.
  2. Second-Degree Murder
    A killing stemming from an impulsive act during a highly emotional state or an extreme, momentary lapse in judgment. This could also pertain to unintended but reckless actions that are highly likely to endanger human life.

Understanding the Felony Murder Rule

The felony murder rule triggers more homicide charges than any other category in Oklahoma. This is because the legislature has determined that engaging in inherently perilous behavior carries the foreseeability of death. 

Thus, if a death results—regardless of whether the individual charged directly caused it, their co-defendant did, or even if the victim of the felony committed the homicide—the perpetrator of the underlying felony can and will be prosecuted for first-degree murder.

Potential Punishments for Murder in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has a statute of limitations and severe penalties for criminal offenses, such as murder convictions. Here’s what you could face:

First-Degree Murder:

  • Life in prison (with parole eligibility after serving 38 years and 3 months)
  • Life in prison without parole
  • Death penalty

Second-Degree Murder:

This often arises when your lawyer successfully argues for a reduced charge. The potential sentence still carries long-term consequences, and the exact punishment ultimately depends on the case’s details.

Why Fighting Pretrial Detention Matters?

Remember, the law considers you innocent until proven guilty. In Oklahoma County, the jail-bail schedule mandates an automatic assignment of ‘No Bond’ for individuals charged with first-degree murder.

Being out on bond enables active participation in constructing your defense strategy, such as securing witnesses and providing vital insights.

A skilled murder or criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma can advocate for your release on bond while awaiting trial.

An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Matters: Why Choose Jacqui Ford?

When battling murder charges, the stakes couldn’t be higher. A powerful defense strategy demands the experience and skill of a seasoned Oklahoma murder defense lawyer, and that’s why you need Jacqui Ford on your side. 

An experienced defense lawyer doesn’t just fight for you; they bring a whole new level of understanding to the table. They’ll analyze every detail of your case, pinpoint weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument, and work through the complexities of Oklahoma law. 

They might negotiate fiercely on your behalf if necessary for a better outcome. And in the courtroom? A great defense lawyer will fight passionately for your rights, using every tool at their disposal to challenge the charges against you.

What to Look For In The Right Lawyer?

Murder charges are emotionally charged with life-altering consequences. Picking the right legal representation is non-negotiable. Here’s what to look for:

  • Proven Success: Find a lawyer with a demonstrated track record of triumphs in murder cases through trials and favorable plea agreements.
  • Unwavering Tenacity: You need an attorney who stands their ground against aggressive prosecutors and fights fearlessly for your interests.
  • Passion for Client Collaboration: Open communication with your lawyer is critical. Being out on bond will significantly aid this effort.

Contact a Reliable Murder Defense Attorney in Oklahoma Today

When you’re facing murder charges in Oklahoma City or surrounding areas, every minute counts. With your future hanging in the balance, there’s no time to waste. The sooner you act, the better your chance of building a strong defense – and that’s when Jacqui Ford Law comes to the rescue! Our team brings passion, experience, and in-depth legal knowledge to every case for both guilty and innocent folks.  We’re ready to fight with you to walk you out of that courtroom right along with us. We offer free consultations; call us at 405-604-3200 to get started.