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Oklahoma License Suspension

By December 12, 2014April 5th, 2024No Comments

We’ve written about driving under the influence charges before on this blog, and we’ve even talked about the penalties. Today let’s talk about one of these specific penalties and go a little bit deeper in to the punitive effects it has on an individual’s life. So let’s talk about driver’s license suspension.

Oklahoma License Suspension

It sounds so simple, and it may not even seem like a big deal to you. “Oh well, I can bus and taxi wherever I need to go.” But once you’re put in a situation where you lose a privilege you once had, this punishment takes on a whole new meaning. Without a driver’s license, your transportation costs may increase. Taxis and buses aren’t free. Even if these modes of transportation end up being cheaper than your routine gas stops, they still aren’t as convenient as your personal vehicle.

Losing your license can impact other areas of your life that aren’t labeled as “convenient.” For example, your job may depend on your ability to drive. Without a license, your job could be at risk. Even if your job doesn’t directly require you to drive, the inability to drive could jeopardize your ability to get to work, either entirely or in a timely fashion.

You may also have other responsibilities with family members or friends that require you to drive a car.

There are so many ways that a driver’s license suspension affects an individual’s life that you may not even think about until you’re in that situation. Ultimately, this post is meant as a reminder and a warning. In Oklahoma, there is an automatic license suspension associated with a DUI charge.

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