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Sexual Assault

Oklahoma teen accuses man of rape and kidnapping

By December 23, 2014November 14th, 2023No Comments

As it turns out, the man is 32 years old, not 19 as the girl claims she was told. She says that once she was in the house, he kept her there through threats of violence, attempted to have sex with her and would not let her use her phone. According to reports, the teen claims she woke up one night to discover the man was allegedly sexually assaulting her. Supposedly, she attempted to fight back, but to no avail.

After over a week, and one supposedly failed escape attempt, she called her family, who brought police with them to the apartment. Police arrested the man and took him to the Oklahoma County jail. His bail was set at $100,000 bond, and at last report, he remained incarcerated.

Rape and kidnapping are serious charges that carry weighty penalties. Even though he is presumed innocent until and unless his guilty is proved beyond a reasonable doubt, it is crucial that the accused man and his criminal defense team review the circumstances surrounding the teenager’s allegations and determine an appropriate course of action as soon as possible. If there is any measure of reasonable doubt that he is guilty of rape and/or kidnapping, no criminal conviction may be secured.

Source:, “Man arrested after 15-year-old reports kidnapping, rape, Oklahoma City police say”, Dec. 16, 2014