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What to do if you’re accused of harassment when driving for Uber or Lyft

By May 21, 2019April 2nd, 2024No Comments

If you have been accused of harassing a passenger, it can be accompanied by a whole bevy of emotions. Anxiety, fear, and apprehension are all common emotions. You may even be angry, especially if the passenger was difficult. Your ability to generate income is on the line. But this is no time to let your emotions get the better of you. It is important to clear your name and get back on the road. An accusation can escalate, so it is important to get the matter cleared up as quickly as possible.  

Stay calm, collected and clear headed.

Angry or negative reactions towards the accuser or your company’s investigation into the matter will demonstrate that you are capable of aggressive or inappropriate behavior. If you take your work as a driver seriously, be sure to behave like a professional driver. Stay calm, objective, and clear-headed. Treat everyone, including your accuser, with respect.    

Review the incident.

Write a complete, objective, and detailed timeline of the event. Note facts or evidence that demonstrates your statements are truthful and accurate. Your written account is for your eyes only. The timeline will clarify for you what occurred so that you can organize your thoughts and statements. This will allow you to comply with the investigation professionally by assisting you in giving a clear, consistent account of the events.  

Make an Inventory of your hard work.

Make a list of all the evidence that shows you have been an excellent driver in the past so that you can demonstrate to your company that the accusation is likely false. A good record with your company of your service up until the incident will be in your favor. Calculate and summarize items such as prior passenger ratings and reviews, accepting passengers when you are logged in and completing each transport, etc. Also be sure to note if you have never had a complaint regarding your driving skills or a violation of your company’s code of conduct. All companies have a code of conduct, such as no physical contact with riders, a ban on inappropriate or abusive language or gestures, making sexual advances towards passengers, and inappropriate conversations with passengers. A healthy work history will go a long way is persuading your company that you are being wrongly accused.     

Get the incident resolved.

Work with your company to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, you may not be told the true extent of the accusations. Protracted investigations can encourage additional allegations or can give ample time and opportunity for evidence against you to present itself.


Escalated Incidents and Serious Accusations

If you were involved in a serious or escalated incident with a passenger, you may need to consult an attorney. Simple accusations of minor misconduct could change to serious allegations of criminal behavior. If you feel that the situation was severe, you may have acted inappropriately, or you may have committed a crime, you should consult with an attorney prior to the start of your company’s investigation. You do not want your initial statements to be documented and used against you to convict you of a crime. If the situation was serious, it isn’t just your source of income that is on the chopping block; it is your future that is on the line.