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Domestic Violence

6 key questions to ask your domestic violence defense lawyer in Oklahoma

By September 6, 2022April 2nd, 2024No Comments

If you are accused of domestic violence in Oklahoma City, you could be facing jail time, a hefty fine, or both. 

This is especially true if the incident in question happened in the presence of a child. 

In these situations, it’s vital to have a dedicated defense attorney such as Jacqui Ford by your side. Here are six questions you should ask your defense attorney to make sure they are qualified to fight for you. 

Remember, your future is at stake. 

1.) What type of law do you focus on?

A domestic violence charge carries the potential for jail time and fines.

If this is your first domestic violence charge, you could face up to one year in jail, a fine of $5,000, or both. If this is your second offense – or beyond – you could be sent to prison for up to four years, face a fine of up to $5000, or both. 

Many attorneys say they have dealt with domestic violence cases before, but most don’t have the skills or experience to protect your rights. Before you move forward with an attorney, ask for specifics regarding the attorney’s previous domestic violence cases. 

2.) Would this domestic violence case go to trial in Oklahoma?

While no attorney has a crystal ball to tell you how your particular case will pan out, an attorney who has experience in domestic violence cases does have the knowledge and ability to let you know if the specifics of your case warrant a trial. 

When they do, ask if they have tried similar cases and can demonstrate how the two align. Jacqui Ford Law has handled cases that have gone to trial and those that haven’t – managing even the most domestic violence complex charges. 

3.) Based on Oklahoma state law, what legal strategy do you recommend?

No two domestic violence cases are the same, so you need an attorney who understands the intricacies associated with Oklahoma State Law. 

When meeting with a potential attorney, ask if there is a particular strategy they would recommend based on the details you have shared. 

4.) What are the possible outcomes of this case?

If any attorney tells you, “do this; it works every time,” run

No two cases are the same, so no two strategies should be, either. 

Your attorney should be able to tell you what could happen should you utilize their approach or not, expressing all that you could face. 

Jacqui Ford Law will be honest with you – informing you of every possible outcome so that you do not feel blindsided. 

5.) How do you communicate with your Oklahoma City clients?

Find out how often your attorney plans to communicate with you so that you can ensure the attorney’s work style meets is consistent with your preferences. 

It is also essential to ask if you will be speaking with the attorney, a paralegal, or an assistant and where and how (over the phone, in the office, via Zoom, etc.). 

6.) What is the overall cost?

Ask what you are expected to pay, how, and when.

Some law firms require a retainer; others have a fee schedule. Always ask what additional fees there could be (and why). 

And do remember – you get what you pay for. A cheap, load-em-up attorney grabs a bunch of clients for a low price and doesn’t always provide clients with the attention they deserve (affecting their lives for years to come). 

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