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Officials say DNA testing supports felony charges filed in crash

By July 29, 2015November 14th, 2023No Comments

The patrol car of a police lieutenant searching for a burglary suspect was struck by a pickup truck. The driver fled the scene and was later found. Officials in Oklahoma County say that DNA testing supports the felony charges facing the owner of the pickup truck.

It was determined that the pickup’s speed was approximately 45 mph at the time of the crash. During the investigation conducted on the night of the accident, officers located the pickup about one-half mile from the scene. The individual driving it was nowhere to be found.

The vehicle registration gave police the information needed to locate the owner. He is said to have admitted to owning the pickup, but denied being the driver that night. The truck’s airbag deployed during the crash, and DNA testing was done on material police claim was discovered on it. The results supposedly provide conclusive evidence that the vehicle owner was driving that night.

Based on this alleged evidence, the man was arrested and taken to the Oklahoma County Jail after being processed at the Midwest City Police Department. He faces a charge of Accidents Resulting in Nonfatal Injury — Failure to Stop, which is a felony. His bail was set at $25,000.

Officials claim that forensics never lie. That statement, however, appears to overlook the fact that that police, lab technicians and others who handle evidence sometimes make mistakes. Prosecutors will still be required to prove to the court that the DNA results they say support the felony charge were not somehow tainted by improper procedures. If any irregularities are found, the results may be ruled inadmissible as evidence at trial.

Source:, “DNA tests lead to arrest of man involved in hit-and-run with police supervisor“, M. Delatorre, July 22, 2015