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Domestic violence charges filed against Oklahoma City officer

Lately, incidents from around the country have been reported in the news that have put a negative light on law enforcement officers. Officers here in Oklahoma City are no exception. Recently, an incident put one police officer in the news when he was accused of domestic violence.

One of the residents in his neighborhood took cell phone video footage of officers surrounding the officer’s home with their guns drawn. According to reports, police responded to a call regarding domestic abuse shortly before 10 a.m. on the day in question. Supposedly, the man assaulted someone in the home with what was only described as a dangerous weapon.

When the Oklahoma City police officer emerged from his home, he was arrested on suspicion of assault and battery and domestic abuse. Neighbors in the officer’s Mustang neighborhood gave statements they often heard the officer and his wife yelling at each other. Police failed to confirm whether the man’s wife was the alleged victim, nor did they divulge any additional details regarding the alleged assault.

The media has been quick to point out that the officer was involved in a controversy from 2002 in which he and another officer were videotaped severely beating a suspect they were trying to bring into custody. No criminal charges were filed against the officers in connection with the incident. However, that has not stopped news outlets from portraying the officer as potentially capable of violence. As for the man’s status as an officer, it was reported that he was placed on paid leave pending the resolution of this situation.

No one should rush to judgment regarding whether or not this man is guilty of domestic violence, especially not based on an incident that occurred over a decade ago. He has the same rights as anyone else accused of a crime, including the presumption of innocence until he is proven guilty in a court of law. Every aspect of a person’s life is affected by allegations of criminal conduct. Therefore, it is crucial that he or she is given the opportunity to refute the charges free from any preconceived notions propounded by the media and the community at large.

Source: koco.com, “Oklahoma City police officer arrested on complaint of domestic abuse“, Kim Passoth, May 1, 2015

Domestic violence charges filed against Oklahoma City man

A night of drinking for an Oklahoma City man allegedly turned violent. A neighbor standing outside called police, claiming she witnessed the man hitting some children. Now, the man is facing domestic violence charges in connection with the alleged incident.

When police arrived at the scene, the alleged victim — a woman who is said to live in the home with the accused man — told them that he was drinking that night. She says she put him to bed and took her children to a neighbor’s house. When the man awoke, he went to the neighbor’s house to bring them home.

On the way home, the man is accused of striking the children numerous times with a flashlight. Once at home, he supposedly chased them around the house and screamed at them. The mother then dialed 911. She claims the man grabbed the phone out of her hand and destroyed it before he threw her on the bed and began choking her. It is claimed that one of the kids got onto his back in order to stop him.

At last report, the man was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on domestic violence charges relating to the alleged assaults on the children and the mother, among other offenses. The charges he faces carry serious penalties, including incarceration, fines and court costs. He would undoubtedly benefit from engaging criminal defense counsel as soon as possible in order to begin reviewing any evidence, the statement of the witness and the statements taken from the mother and children. Once all of the information has been obtained and scrutinized, his counsel can discuss his options regarding how best to proceed with him.

Source: koco.com, “Multiple abuse charges filed against Oklahoma City man“, Jonathan Greco, April 10, 2015

Tyreek Hill domestic violence charge will move forward

Oklahoma college football fans may recognize the name Tyreek Hill. He was the OSU player who ran the 92-yard punt return that ultimately led to OSU’s victory over OU at last year’s Bedlam game. As it turns out, however, that may have been his last showing in college football since he was dismissed from the team after an allegation of domestic violence against his pregnant girlfriend.

Hill, who was voted Offensive Newcomer of the Year, is accused of assaulting her on Dec. 11, 2014. The two planned to see a movie that night but an argument supposedly erupted over some text messages on his girlfriend’s phone. As the argument escalated, the woman claims Hill threw her phone and laptop before shutting her out of their bedroom.

She claims that when she went back into the room, Hill choked her, punched her and ripped her shirt. When police searched their home, a torn shirt was discovered. Photographs of the injuries allegedly caused by Hill were also taken.

A Payne County judge ruled that there was enough evidence for the case to go forward. Hill’s attorney revealed the fact that Hill’s girlfriend was under the care of a psychiatrist. It was further intimated that she could have caused the injuries to herself or that there was an alternate explanation for them.

There is more than just a career in Oklahoma college football at stake for Hill since a conviction could mean a prison sentence of one to three years and/or a fine in the amount of $3,000. If prosecutors are not able to prove to the court beyond a reasonable doubt that Hill is guilty of the domestic violence charge, he must be acquitted.  His next court appearance is scheduled for April 17.

Source: newsok.com, “Tyreek Hill ordered to face domestic violence trial for alleged assault of pregnant ex-girfriend”, Kyle Fredrickson, March 9, 2015