Domestic violence cases are generally pretty emotion-heavy. But sometimes after things quiet down, an accuser wishes to change their story or new evidence surfaces that shows the allegations are untrue or otherwise exaggerated. 

Individuals accused of domestic violence should seek the help of an Oklahoma criminal defense attorney who will protect your rights and do everything in their power to get the case dropped. 

You’ll have an important role to play in your case, though, including listening to your attorney’s advice. Learn the ways you can set up your case for success with Jacqui Ford Law, as well as the options available to your accuser in dropping a domestic violence case.

Steps to take in a domestic violence defense

Your actions following a domestic violence charge will impact your attorney’s ability to defend the case. Some important steps you can take to avoid conviction include the following:

  1. Find a good Oklahoma defense attorney. The sooner you retain counsel, the better. Law enforcement might want to ask you questions and interview you about your side of the story early on. Having an attorney present for such questioning can be crucial to getting domestic violence charges dropped. 
  2. Write down a record of what happened. Think back through events carefully and document with as much detail what you can remember. Then pull together any evidence that might prove your innocence. Consider possible witnesses who could testify in your case or make a statement that aids in your defense. Other evidence might include text messages, social media posts, or photos and videos.
  3. Ask your attorney about calling a meeting between you, the accuser, a witness coordinator and your defense attorney to discuss the allegations. Such meetings can be helpful in better understanding what the accuser is claiming and provides a chance for you to clear things up. Sometimes, an accuser will realize that they were angry or lacked a level head when they brought about domestic violence charges. They might be willing to pull back their accusation once seeing the evidence you have in the case. However, it’s very important that you don’t threaten or otherwise intimidate the accuser into dropping the case.
  4. See if the accuser is willing to sign an affidavit of non-prosecution. Once a person has had time to calm down after an incident, they might realize that their accusation is unfair. They might be willing to drop the case in these circumstances. However, remember you cannot coerce this action in any way and discuss this option with your attorney before you do anything.

Negotiating Domestic Violence Charges

Before your case goes to trial, your attorney will work to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney’s office to get the charges dropped or decreased. (This is generally more successful for first-time offenders.)

Your attorney might recommend counseling or therapy instead of jail time or plead the charges down from domestic violence. It’s extremely valuable to have a defense attorney working for you during these negotiations.

It’s essential that throughout the negotiations and preliminary phases of your case you obey all laws, keep a safe distance from your accuser, and remain an upstanding member of society. Further negative actions could impact your case and the view of the court. 

Be sure you show up to court and meetings related to your case on time, look presentable, and engage in the meetings. Don’t say anything without prior approval from your attorney, as what you say during these meetings can impact your case.

Why choose Jacqui Ford?

Finding a good defense attorney in Oklahoma to present your case is pivotal to getting the charges dropped or lessened.

At Jacqui Ford Law, our team works closely with every client to listen to and understand their story. We commit to each client, and for over a decade, we’ve helped thousands of clients fight their charges and get to the light at the end of the tunnel.

We are completely invested in your defense. We’ll listen to your story and start ironing out the details of your case, then, if necessary we’ll go to court with you and fight for your rights all the way to the end.

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